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Bright Eye Owl Spotlights

Bright Eye Owl Spotlights
These decorative Bright Eye Owl spotlights bring fun to any garden or balcony. By day, the owls are a charming ornamental feature for your garden table tops, patio or decking, and as a unique solar light by night where you can use them to highlight attractive areas of the garden.

The Bright Eye Owls include:
- Bright Eyed Owls x 2 (Long-eared Owl and Snowy Owl designs)
- Instructions
- Solar panel units
- 1 x AA rechargeable battery per owl

- Spotlight eyes automatically illuminate in darkness
- Charges in direct sunlight
- Up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged
- Powered by an integral solar panel
- On/Off switch to control light
- 2 white LEDs per owl
- No operating costs
- Replaceable rechargeable batteries
- No wiring, simply place and enjoy

Height of each Bright Eye Owl: 11cm

Design Registered: 001862376-0008/-0009/-0010
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